Patrumin U.S. Smallcap Equity Strategy

The Patrumin U.S. Smallcap Equity Strategy is a concentrated portfolio of smaller U.S. stocks. We generally hold 40-to-70 stocks to leverage our bottom-up, fundamental research approach. The Patrumin U.S. Smallcap Equity Strategy invests in small companies, typically those with equity market capitalizations below $4B. Patrumin employs an opportunistic approach that does not emphasize any one investment style, like growth or value. Our diversified portfolios are constructed with stocks from multiple sectors of the economy, which may experience varying rates of growth. We also look to invest in companies we believe are undervalued relative to their earnings and cash generating potential. We are especially attracted to companies which have products or services that fundamentally change the spending behavior of consumers or their business customers.

Small capitalization securities involve greater issuer risk than larger capitalization securities, and the markets for such securities may be more volatile and less liquid. Specifically, small capitalization companies may be subject to more volatile market movements than securities of larger, more established companies, both because the securities typically are traded in lower volume and because the issuers typically are more subject to changes in earnings and prospects.

Additional information about The Patrumin U.S. Smallcap Equity Strategy can be found in the product factsheet PDF, including: performance, top ten positions, sector weightings and detailed information about the strategy. For more information, please email us at