Patrumin U.S. Multicap Equity Strategy

The Patrumin U.S. Multicap Equity Strategy is our portfolio of best ideas. We construct this portfolio with U.S. stock investments that meet our rigorous, analytical, fundamentally-driven research process. The strategy’s goal is to be balanced across the capitalization spectrum–with exposure to smallcaps, midcaps and largecaps. The weighted average capitalization for the strategy is generally over $20bb, reflecting this diversification*.

The Patrumin U.S. Multicap Equity Strategy is a concentrated portfolio (between 40 to 60 stocks) offered in an SMA (separately managed account) format. The investment objective is to outperform the S&P 500 by 2.00% to 3.00% annually via growth in capital, over a full market cycle. The investment style is core, with elements of growth, GARP and value investing included within the portfolio in order to maximize the number of investment opportunities for our clients. We consider Patrumin U.S. Multicap a “best ideas” strategy, irrespective of market capitalization and/or investment style. We believe that our clients benefit from broad diversification in their equity investment portfolios. Therefore, in addition to including companies from multiple economic sectors, we also believe our clients benefit from investing in companies across the market cap spectrum, or a multi-cap approach. We are confident that our decades of experience investing in small and mid-sized companies, many of which have become today’s global industry leaders, gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to stock selection in this asset class. We also seek out companies that we believe are undervalued relative to their earnings and cash generating potential. And, we are especially attracted to companies that have either products or services that fundamentally change the spending behavior of consumers or business customers.

*Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in a declining market; it is a method used to help mitigate investment risk.

Additional information about The Patrumin U.S. Multicap Equity Strategy can be found in the product factsheet PDF, including: performance, top ten positions, sector weightings and detailed information about the strategy. For more information, please email us at