The Patrumin Way

Patrumin is a Latin blend for patience  and thoughtfulness.  As we construct portfolios for clients, we examine many variables in our bottom-up approach. Some of the more important considerations include:

  • understanding the product or service of a company

  • understanding consumption behavior of potential & existing customers

  • understanding the free cash flow characteristics of potential investments

  • gauging the quality of earnings

  • understanding what is reflected in a share price

  • understanding a company’s competitive position.

At Patrumin Investors, we avoid the daily barrage of “information” that Wall Street and the day trading community dish out to stimulate trading, because trading commissions earned by brokers serving retail and institutional customers are still important to investment banks and brokerage firms. In addition to updates which sell-side (brokerage) analysts provide on their covered companies, these firms employ economists, commodities specialists and other experts that provide information designed to influence trading activity.

We resist the urge to trade for marginal, short-term gains. Conversely, one of our goals is to provide clients with tax efficient* portfolio management and construction to help them achieve their financial goals.

Our primary goal for any portfolio we manage is to provide returns that are better than what an investor could achieve utilizing passively managed index funds over a market cycle, which we deem to be similar to an economic cycle of four to six years.  We also aim to be competitive with other active investment strategies with similar investment goals.

*Patrumin Investors, LLC, does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.