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At Patrumin, we are patient investors--we look for stocks that will outperform in the coming one-to-two years, not months.


We always consider the potential reward to risk trade-offs for any investment we make. We look for three or four units of upside potential relative to one unit of down side risk.


We look at the free cash flow characteristics of every investment we consider. We never market time--we are always fully invested.


At Patrumin, we leverage our decades of analyzing companies, stocks, industries, sectors and financial statements with understanding which products and services offered by companies will change the way people spend their money in both consumer and business settings.

We Strive To Know Early On Which Products And Services Will Change Consumer Or Business Spending

  • Samuel A. Dedio Founder, Chief Investment Officer
    Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Patrumin Investors, LLC, 2012-Present Lead Portfolio Manager, Head of US Equities, Artio Global Management, 2006-2012 Managing Director, Lead...
  • Marc Saurborn, CFA Partner
    Partner and Senior Analyst, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Industrials, Patrumin Investors, LLC, 2012-Present Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Artio Global Management, 2008-2012 Portfolio Manager and...
  • Judeann Warner, CFA Consultant
    Consultant and Senior Analyst,  Healthcare, Consumer Staples, Patrumin Investors, LLC, 2012-Present Senior Research Analyst, Healthcare, Consumer Staples, Artio Global Management, 2006-2012 Managing Director, Healthcare Research...

Our Experience

The investment management team at Patrumin has over 50 years combined experience navigating the U.S. equity market. The broad experience and perspective the team has provides an excellent foundation for constructing portfolios of U.S. stocks.

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Our Process

Know Our Companies and Industries

Years and years of field work visiting companies, meeting with management teams and attending industry-specific conferences is combined and complimented with rigorous qualitative and financial company analysis.

Free Cash Flow Analysis

For any investment we consider, Patrumin carefully analyzes the free cash flow characteristics of the underlying company. Our team has decades of experience each analyzing and understanding financial statements and accounting metrics.